For those interested – i.e. coming skiing this year or thinking about coming – we had yet more snow last night even down below the village.  And whilst it might not stay at this level, the mountains are well covered and will form a great base for more snow as it comes.  Hooray!

Summer 2010

Summer 2010 was excellent.  Great weather, masses of free entertainment (including the AC/DC tribute band – High Voltage) playing in the town square and lovely guests.

As always summer seems to be over far too quickly – from the end of June when the pool opens to the first week of September when it closes all seems to pass in the blink of an eye.  Whilst the pool might have closed though, the weather as usual stays warm and comfortable right through until the end of October.  A beautiful time, with the trees turning golden and russet red and mushrooms sprouting in the woods – I love it!

And now it is time to start preparing for winter – 2 months away until out first guests arrive.  Time to think about the menus, order the wine and make everything ready for Xmas week – the first week of the season.

Below are a few photos from recent weeks and the summer.  Thank you as ever to all our guests for making it one of the best yet.

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New this winter – Spa and Heated Open Air Pool


The new open-air winter pool and spa complex opens this winter. Apart from the pool there are saunas, Turkish steam baths, a relaxation area, plus fitness and gym areas. Prices are very reasonable; the pool is 7€ for children and 9 € for

adults, for adults wanting the pool and sauna it is only 12€. Full prices can be found following this link: