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Here comes the snow for the 2017/2018 season

Boughs weighed heavy by the snow

We have had a few snowfalls over the past few weeks to whiten the mountain tops and this week we had our first proper snowfall.  Time to get out the snowshoes and touring skis, so to get in the mood, here are a few photos of today’s walk in the woods along one of the snowshoe trails to the “Pierre à Laya” (our summer visitors might recognise this)


The legendary stone removed from a giant’s shoe… or … an erratic block left behind after the last glacial era? You decide!!

When autumn greets winter!

Very little sun reaches this field: ideal for hoar frost!

The sun is low on the horizon at this time of the year – here it is just about to go behind the Aravis mountain range opposite.

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  1. I must say all the pictures are really awesome and very attractive. Thanks for sharing as I always love such pics.

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