Lift Pass Prices – winter 2022/2023

All prices in Euros

Lift passes are free for children under the age of 8 at the start of the holiday.

Proof of age required for children’s passes.

“Hands Free” Smartcard at 2€ is obligatory for all passes.
* This “SkiCard” is non-refundable, but can be reloaded for use another season.

Search and rescue insurance with Ski Secure costs 3€ per person per day

Vill4ges Passes (previously known as the Massif pass)

Vill4ges PassesStandard (16 to 74 yrs old)Child (8 to 15 yrs old)
4 consecutive hours43.40€34.70€
1 day48.20€38.60€
2 day96.40€77.20€
3 day144.60€115.80€
4 day192.80€154.40€
5 day241.00€193.00€
6 day289.20€231.60€
7 day337.40€270.20€

Grand Massif Passes

Grand Massif PassesAdult (16 to 74 yrs old)Child (8 to 15 yrs old)
4 consecutive hours48.20€38.60€
1 day53.50€42.80€
2 day107.00€85.60€
3 day160.50€128.40€
4 day214.00€171.20€
5 day267.50€214.00€
6 day321.00€256.80€
7 day374.50€299.60€

A 6+ day Family pack for 2 adults and 2 to 4 children or 3 adults and 1 child exists representing a 10% discount off the Grand Massif public price.

Discounts are also available through us – please ask us when you book.  Some examples are given on our latest deals page.